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Tired of carrying bulky radios and communication devices in your gear? Look no further than HSGI Radio Pouches, the perfect solution for organization and convenience. This roundup article takes a closer look at the top HSGI Radio Pouches on the market, providing you with an informative guide to make your selection easier.

The Top 13 Best HSGI Radio Pouches

  1. High Speed Gear Mini Modular Radio Pouch for HSGI — Carry your essentials with ease using the High Speed Gear Mini Radio Utility Molle Pouch, featuring a durable Cordura material and zipper closure for quick access to small belongings.
  2. Ultra-Durable Quick-Access Medical Pouch — Efficiently carry life-saving medical gear with the ReVive Pouch, featuring patent-pending RipCord technology for effortless, one-handed access in extreme situations.
  3. Secure Radio Pouch with Adjustable Retention — Secure and versatile HSGI Radio Taco Adaptable Belt Mount — your efficient, easy-to-use storage solution for communication gear.
  4. Versatile and Adaptable Radio Pouch with Flex Cuff Storage — Embrace versatility with the HSGI Special Missions Pouch, a modular design offering three wear options, customizable loop panels, and storage for three flex cuffs, all made in the USA for ultimate flexibility and durability.
  5. Versatile Belt Mounted Radio Pouch with Adjustable Retention System — The High Speed Gear HSGI Multi-Access Comm Taco Pouch provides easy device access with TACO Technology, secure bungee retention, and adjustable retention, making it a versatile choice for Mil/LE personal communication devices.
  6. Versatile Cylinder Pouch for Pistol Magazines and Multi-Tools — The HSGI Pistol Taco Pouch is a versatile and adaptable belt-mounted pouch designed for holding pistol magazines and other essential gear, offering secure mounting and easy adjustment for various duty belts, making it a must-have for professionals.
  7. HSGI Multi-Access Comm Taco for Radios with Open-Top Design and MOLLE Attachment — The HSGI Multi-Access Comm Taco provides a secure and versatile solution for Mil/LE personal communication devices with its MOLLE-compatible design, adjustable retention, and easy access.
  8. HSGI Duty Mini Mult-Access TACO Pouch for APX Radios (Olive Drab) — Secure and versatile HSGI Duty Mini Mult-Access Molle Radio Taco offers quick access and easy mounting for small personal communication devices on MOLLE and belts up to 2 inches with HSGI Clips.
  9. Laminate Nylon Radio Pouch for Ico and Marconi Devices — The Grey Ghost Gear Radio Pouch Small Laminate Multicam is a versatile and secure storage solution for small radios and GPS devices, perfect for soldiers on the battlefield.
  10. HSGI iTACO Phone/Tech Pouch — Versatile, Adaptable Belt Mount for All Smartphones — The HSGI 95PW10BK iTACO Phone/Tech Pouch is a versatile and secure phone case that features a spacious design to accommodate a variety of devices and added pockets for your cards or cash.
  11. Lightweight Multi-Radio Pouch for Tactical Communication — Stay connected on the go with the Blue Force Gear Multi-Radio Pouch, a lightweight and durable solution designed for compatibility with various radio sizes and securely fastened using the helium whisper attachment system.
  12. Durable Laminate Radio Pouch for Soldiers — Stay connected and protected with the Grey Ghost Gear Radio Pouch — Large Laminate Black, perfect for storing AN/PRC-152 radios and compatible with MOLLE/PALS system.
  13. Military-grade HSGI Radio Pouch in 3-Color Desert — The Gi Molle II Radio Pouch in 3-Color Desert is a durable and versatile choice for military professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, designed to securely protect your communication devices in any environment.


High Speed Gear Mini Modular Radio Pouch for HSGI


As someone who values convenience and functionality in my gear, the High Speed Gear Mini Radio Utility Molle Pouch has become a staple in my daily life. The Cordura material provides an enhanced durability that ensures my belongings stay protected even during prolonged usage. The zipper closure, which I appreciate for its quick and easy access, adds a touch of elegance to the pouch.

However, there is a slight drawback that I’ve encountered. From time to time, the internal top-corner right-angle seams seem to interfere with the zipper. This issue becomes less noticeable when I pack the pouch full, but it can be a bit frustrating when I’m in a hurry. Nonetheless, the utility pouch allows me to carry my small essentials, such as GPS, binoculars, and my other belongings, conveniently. Overall, I find this product to be well worth the investment, despite the minor hiccups.

Ultra-Durable Quick-Access Medical Pouch


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using the High Speed Gear Revive Medical Pouch Black as an essential addition to my daily carry. This compact pouch is designed to house emergency medical gear, perfect for treating a gunshot wound with ease.

The standout feature of this pouch is the patent-pending RipCord insert. It’s a handy tool that ensures quick and easy deployment of the stored supplies. Without being slowed down by digging through the contents, I’ve found myself able to act promptly. This particular feature might be a lifesaver in stressful times.

Despite it’s compact size, every item is well organized and compact in the pouch, thanks to the elastic RipCord organizer at work. This not only keeps the components tidy but also reduces the overall size, which is a definite plus in terms of profile. It can accommodate a chest seal, 4" trauma dressing, combat gauze, trauma shears, and two pairs of gloves, or any similar item.

However, one downside I’ve noticed is the limited orientation when it comes to chest rigs or plates. Since the HANK anchor loops are only on one side, users may have trouble finding the right place to secure the pouch. This is definitely something to consider for folks planning to attach it to a chest rig or plate carrier.

All things considered, apart from slight limitations, this pouch has been quite the reliable, user-friendly tool. It’s sturdy, holds up well, and does exactly what it promises to do: provide quick and easy access to life-saving supplies. I consider its compact profile to be one of its most significant advantages, making it a go-to for anyone who needs to carry medical supplies with ease.

Secure Radio Pouch with Adjustable Retention


As a reviewer, I’ve been using the “Radio Taco” for quite some time now, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer in terms of keeping my communication devices secure and easily accessible. This thing is truly adaptable — I’ve managed to mount it on belts of different widths without any issues. The pop-up pull tongue feature is a lifesaver when it comes to removing my radio without any hassle.

Now, let’s talk about the TACO-style design. It really allows for a snug, adjustable fit that ensures my gear stays right where it needs to be. And the over-the-top bungee retention tab provides that extra security I need.

However, there are a couple of things I wish were different. Firstly, the packaging should really include some molly straps for securing the pouch to my plate carrier or war belt. I had to purchase them separately, which was a bit of a bummer. Secondly, I found that the product is quite heavy at half a pound — not exactly what I’d want when I’m out in the field.

All in all, despite these minor hiccups, the Radio Taco has made a significant difference in my daily operations. It may not be perfect, but it’s certainly doing its job, and I’m grateful for its durability and adaptability. So, if you’re looking for a versatile and secure way to store and carry your communication devices, thisRadio Taco might just be the trick for you.

Versatile and Adaptable Radio Pouch with Flex Cuff Storage


The Special Missions Pouch from HSGI truly shines in its adaptability and customizability. I’ve found it to be a reliable companion during my tactical missions. The modular design allows me to reconfigure it according to my needs, from a hanger style that attaches to a plate carrier to a versatile waist pack.

The integrated loop panels are a game-changer; they let me tailor the pouch to my specific usage. One of the neatest features is the elastic webbing that securely stores up to three flex cuffs for quick deployment.

However, the pouch can be a bit heavy when carrying the full complement of the cuffs, and the absence of additional internal dividers might affect the overall organization. Despite these minor shortcomings, the Special Missions Pouch proves to be a durable and reliable tool in my tactical operations, and it’s proudly made in the USA.

Versatile Belt Mounted Radio Pouch with Adjustable Retention System


I recently tried out the High Speed Gear HSGI Multi-Access Comm Taco Pouch, and it made a significant difference in my daily routine. The Belt Mount (ABM) feature allowed me to keep it securely on my belt, making it easily accessible when I needed it. One of my favorite aspects was the 2.5" side openings, paired with an additional open-top design, which allowed me to navigate most controls without having to remove the device from the pouch.

The over-the-top bungee retention tab ensured that my items stayed in place — never bouncing or moving around excessively while I went about my day. The TACO style design provided me with the option to adjust the retention, ensuring a perfect fit for various Mil/LE personal communication devices.

While I appreciated the convenience and customization offered by this pouch, I did notice that it might not fit belts larger than 2.25". Overall, it has become an essential part of my communication gear setup, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile and secure solution for their personal communication devices.

Versatile Cylinder Pouch for Pistol Magazines and Multi-Tools


I’ve been using the HSGI Pistol Taco Pouch for a while now, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for me. Not only does it seamlessly fit my Glock magazines, but it also adjusts to my 1.5" belt effortlessly with the ABM belt mount.

The bungee cord safety has saved me numerous times, preventing my magazines from falling out when I need them the most. This versatile pouch also accommodates my flashlight and multi-tool, making it the perfect accessory for any situation.

Despite being a bit heavier than expected, this sturdy 100% nylon pouch has held up remarkably well under harsh use. Overall, I highly recommend the HSGI Pistol Taco Pouch for its durability, versatility, and secure mounting options.

HSGI Multi-Access Comm Taco for Radios with Open-Top Design and MOLLE Attachment


As a tactical communication enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of using the High Speed Gear HSGI Multi-Access Comm Taco in my daily operations. The MOLLE-compatible design allows me to easily secure and access my personal communication devices, making my job so much more efficient.

The 2.5-inch side openings provide ample room for all the essential controls without needing to remove the device, a feature that’s truly convenient in high-pressure situations. The over-the-top bungee retention tab keeps everything firmly in place, offering a level of reliability that I never knew I needed.

But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The TACO-style design is adjustable, ensuring a customized fit that matches your specific needs. The ambidextrous hand placement adds an extra touch of convenience, making it a versatile choice regardless of your dominant hand.

While I can’t deny the overall quality and functionality of this product, I have to admit there were a few hiccups along the way. The instructions could use some work, as they were a bit unclear on the proper way to attach the device. And while the MOLLE-version includes HSGI clips, they could be more securely attached to provide a stronger hold.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the High Speed Gear HSGI Multi-Access Comm Taco has proven to be a reliable and convenient companion in my tactical communication missions.

HSGI Duty Mini Mult-Access TACO Pouch for APX Radios (Olive Drab)


I’ve been using the High Speed Gear HSGI Duty Mini Mult-Access Mac Comm Taco (Olive Drab) for a while now, and I must say, it’s been a pretty solid addition to my gear. The pouch is designed to fit various small, portable radios, and it’s compatible with the APX 6000/7000/8000. One thing I appreciate is that the open sides provide quick access to the equipment controls.

However, I do wish the fit for my radio was just a bit tighter, it’s a bit difficult for me to get it in and out of the pouch. Plus, the bungee retention tab hasn’t been as reliable as I hoped, making it loose at times.

But overall, I still think this is a good choice for anyone looking for a versatile, adjustable pouch for their small radio. The heavy-duty nylon laminate, shock cord, and webbing are excellent features that make it a durable and reliable addition to your gear. And if you need to switch between MOLLE and belt attachments, you can do so easily with the HSGI Universal Clips.

Laminate Nylon Radio Pouch for Ico and Marconi Devices


I’ve been using the Grey Ghost Gear Radio Pouch Small Laminate Multicam for a few weeks now, and it’s been a game changer. As someone who needs to stay connected in combat situations, having a reliable radio pouch is essential. This one securely holds smaller radios like my Ico and Marconi PRR, thanks to the Fastex buckle and elastic shock cord.

The construction is top-notch, made from durable Laminate Nylon that attaches easily to my MOLLE/PALS Style webbing using the included Malice Clips. The design is versatile as it’s available in Black, Coyote Brown, and MultiCam. While the radio isn’t included, having this sleek and functional pouch has made a big difference in my field ops.

HSGI iTACO Phone/Tech Pouch — Versatile, Adaptable Belt Mount for All Smartphones


This HSGI Phone Tech Pouch had been an invaluable addition to my daily life. Not only did it allow me to stow my phone securely, but it also offered enough space for cash and cards, making it a versatile option for all of my tech needs. Its expandability ensured that it could accommodate larger phones with protective cases, making it a convenient choice for tech enthusiasts.

However, the pouch was a bit bulkier than I initially anticipated, and it did tend to catch occasional attention when I was out in public. For me, the convenience it offered outweighed any downsides, but it may not be the best choice for someone looking for a more low-profile option. Nonetheless, overall, this Phone Tech Pouch V2 was a fantastic addition to my tech accessories collection.

Lightweight Multi-Radio Pouch for Tactical Communication


I recently tried the Blue Force Gear Multi-Radio Pouch for my daily use and was quite impressed. This versatile pouch is designed to hold various types of radios, such as the Thales MBITR or Harris Falcon III (PRC 152), making it a perfect fit for my needs. The bottom flap of the pouch allows me to change out the battery of my radio without having to remove it from the pouch, which saves a lot of time and hassle.

One of the key features that stood out to me is the pouch’s lightweight nature. It only weighs 3.63 oz, making it an easy addition to my gear without adding significant weight. Additionally, its MOLLE compatibility allows me to easily attach and detach it from my gear as needed.

The pouch’s proprietary elastic sides provide an excellent grip, ensuring my small gear items, such as chemical lights or markers, stay securely in place. This attention to detail and the overall quality of the product have made it a valuable addition to my daily gear. I highly recommend the Blue Force Gear Multi-Radio Pouch for anyone in need of a reliable and functional radio pouch.

Durable Laminate Radio Pouch for Soldiers


As someone who values effective communication in my daily life, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of having reliable gear that helps me stay connected. The Grey Ghost Gear Radio Pouch is a game-changer for soldiers and anyone needing a secure, convenient way to hold and protect their comms devices.

The Laminate Nylon material has proven to be durable and weather-resistant, keeping my radio safe during outdoor adventures. The MOLLE/PALS Style webbing attachment is a great feature, as it allows me to seamlessly integrate the pouch into my existing gear setup. I also appreciate the versatility of the Black, Coyote Brown, and MultiCam color options to match my personal style.

While the Radio Pouch is small and only fits certain handheld radios like the AN/PRC-152, it’s still a reliable and effective solution for those looking to keep their comms gear safe and secure. The inclusion of the MALICE Clips is a thoughtful touch, making assembly a breeze.

Overall, the Grey Ghost Gear Radio Pouch — Small Laminate Black is an essential piece of gear for anyone prioritizing effective communication in their daily life. It’s well-made, functional, and a must-have addition to any gear collection.

Military-grade HSGI Radio Pouch in 3-Color Desert


Using the Gi Molle II Radio Pouch in desert colors during my recent camping trip was a game-changer for my communication setup. The Nylon Cordura construction is sturdy, and the ID window makes it easy to quickly identify my device in the midst of chaos. I love the water-resistant features, which have come in handy more than once when it started pouring.

The MOLLE straps allowed me to easily attach additional gear, and the grommet hole on the bottom ensured no water was trapped in there, keeping everything dry. While it did add a bit of weight to my backpack, its durability and convenience in the field make it worth it.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the buyer’s guide for HSGI Radio Pouches. This section will provide you with important information on general features, considerations, and advice related to HSGI Radio Pouches. We will ensure that our content is informative, high-quality, and complies with Google search guidelines. We will avoid listing specific product picks or external resource links and structure the content for easy reading without a separate title as it will be part of a larger article.


Overview and Purpose of an HSGI Radio Pouch

An HSGI Radio Pouch is a versatile and durable pouch designed specifically to hold radio equipment. These pouches are ideal for law enforcement, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts who require reliable communication during their activities. HSGI Radio Pouches are made with high-quality materials to provide optimal protection against impact and water damage. They come in various sizes and styles, ensuring there’s an option for everyone’s needs.

Key Features and Considerations

When selecting an HSGI Radio Pouch, consider the following key features and factors:

  1. Size and Weight: Ensure the pouch you choose is big enough to accommodate your radio, but not too bulky or heavy to carry comfortably. 2. Durability: Look for pouches made from reinforced, water-resistant materials that can withstand rough use and exposure to various weather conditions. 3. Retention System: The pouch should have a secure retention system such as an adjustable waist belt, shoulder straps, or Velcro closures to keep the device safely in place. 4. Versatility: Choose a pouch that has built-in compartments for additional accessories like a hydration system, batteries, or a GPS device.

Advice for Choosing the Right HSGI Radio Pouch

To make sure you choose the right HSGI Radio Pouch, consider the following advice:

  1. Identify your specific needs: Determine the features and size you require for your radio and accessories. This will help you narrow down your options and make an informed decision. 2. Read Reviews: Look for reviews from other customers who have experience with HSGI Radio Pouches. This will give you an idea of the product’s quality, durability, and functionality.

HSGI Radio Pouches offer a variety of features and options, making them a valuable investment for anyone needing a reliable and secure radio pouch. Remember to consider factors like size, weight, durability, retention system, and versatility when selecting the right pouch for your needs. By doing so, you will ensure a proper fit and functionality for your HSGI Radio Pouch.



What are HSGI Radio Pouches?

HSGI Radio Pouches are specialized pouches designed to securely hold and protect two-way radios during outdoor activities or operations. These pouches feature a rugged construction and adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit for different radio sizes and shapes. The pouches are also made with materials that are weather-resistant, ensuring that the radio will remain dry and operational even in harsh weather conditions.

The HSGI Radio Pouch comes in various models and sizes, allowing users to choose the best option for their specific needs. Overall, these pouches provide an effective and reliable solution to keep radio equipment safe and secure while in the field or on the go. To learn more about the different HSGI Radio Pouch models, visit the product page on the manufacturer’s website.

What are the key features of HSGI Radio Pouches?

HSGI Radio Pouches offer several key features, including a rugged construction with durable materials, adjustable straps for a customizable fit, and a secure closure system to protect the radio from damage or water intrusion. The pouches also offer excellent weather resistance, ensuring that the radio equipment remains operational even in wet or harsh conditions. Additionally, HSGI Radio Pouches come in various sizes and models, allowing users to choose the best pouch for their specific radio type and needs. To explore the different features and options available, visit the HSGI website or your preferred outdoor gear retailer.

Overall, HSGI Radio Pouches are designed with the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and professionals in mind, providing a reliable and effective way to securely transport and protect radio equipment during activities or operations. For more information on compatibility, sizes, and other features, consult the product specifications or contact the manufacturer’s customer support team.


How do I attach an HSGI Radio Pouch to my gear or equipment?

Attaching an HSGI Radio Pouch to your gear or equipment is a straightforward process. First, ensure that you have adjusted the straps to the correct length to accommodate your radio and the specific pouch model. Most pouches feature adjustable straps that can be easily tightened or loosened by pulling on the excess material.

Next, place your radio into the pouch and secure it in place. Some pouches have additional attachment points or loops that can be used to further stabilize the radio. Once your radio is securely positioned within the pouch, you can fasten the straps around the radio and gear, ensuring that it remains in place during movement or outdoor activities. To ensure a snug and secure fit, double-check that the straps are tight and that the radio is not shifting or moving within the pouch.

Can I use HSGI Radio Pouches for other types of radio equipment or devices?

While HSGI Radio Pouches are specifically designed for two-way radios, they can also be adapted to secure other types of radio equipment or devices with similar dimensions and shapes. To determine if an HSGI Radio Pouch is suitable for your specific needs, consult the product specifications or contact the manufacturer’s customer support team.

In general, the pouches are designed to accommodate a wide range of radio sizes and shapes, making them a versatile and adaptable solution for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who require radio equipment protection in various situations. However, if your equipment has unique features or design requirements, it may be necessary to consult with the manufacturer or seek out alternative protective solutions.


What are some alternative solutions for securing and protecting radio equipment during outdoor activities or operations?

Although HSGI Radio Pouches are a reliable and effective solution for securing and protecting radio equipment during outdoor activities, there may be alternative options available depending on your specific needs and preferences. Some potential alternatives include custom-made carrying cases with weather-resistant materials, specially designed holsters and straps, or even small backpacks or fanny packs that can accommodate radio equipment.

When considering alternative solutions, it’s essential to weigh factors such as price, durability, weather resistance, and the specific needs of your radio equipment. In some cases, a more affordable or versatile option may be suitable for your needs, while in others, a more specialized and durable solution may be necessary. To find the best option for your requirements, consult with outdoor gear retailers, review product reviews and specifications, or seek advice from fellow outdoor enthusiasts and professionals.

How do I clean and maintain my HSGI Radio Pouch?

To clean and maintain your HSGI Radio Pouch, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove any dirt or debris from the pouch by gently brushing or wiping the surface with a soft-bristled brush or cloth. 2. If necessary, use a mild soap and warm water solution to clean the pouch, being sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any residue. 3. Allow the pouch to air dry in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

It’s essential to regularly clean and maintain your HSGI Radio Pouch to ensure its longevity and effectiveness in protecting your radio equipment. By following these steps and checking the pouch for any damage or wear, you can help extend its lifespan and ensure optimal performance in various outdoor conditions. To learn more about specific cleaning and maintenance instructions for your specific HSGI Radio Pouch model, consult the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer support team.